​EXCLUSIVE! Hear From The Surgeon Behind The 36NNN Breast Reduction & See New Pics Of Patient Kerisha Mark Too!

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Last week, we found out about Kerisha Mark, who underwent a reduction surgery for her 36NNN breasts, and she’s loving her new life!

And we got to talk to the man behind the knife, Dr. Franklin A. Rose, to find out more about this procedure, which actually sounds pretty common and seamless!

Here are some HIGHlights:

On if the surgery is popular:
“It is really common to perform breast reductions and lifts on a wide spectrum of patients, but in all honesty in over 3,000 or 4,000 breast reductions and lifts that I have performed over the years, this is really the largest breasts that I have ever had the opportunity to either examine or operate upon.”

On advice for people who are on the fence:
“For patients who are entertaining breast reduction surgery I feel it is very important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon, and particularly a surgeon who is well experienced in breast reduction surgery.”

On the risks and recovery time:
“The risks per say of this operation are really no different than the risks attended to any plastic surgical procedure such as bleeding, infection, and poor wound healing, but really these risks are in the neighborhood of 1% or less.

Many patients can have this operation performed upon them on a Wednesday or Thursday and be back to work on a Monday. The proviso of course would be no twisting or turning, and no heavy lifting for the first two or three weeks in the postoperative period. In breast reduction surgery I might add it is not so much how much is removed, but really how much is left behind to reshape and resculpt the breasts. In Kerisha’s case it was important to leave ample tissue behind because she did want to stay at a DD to DDD cup and of course that is what we were able to accomplish.”

So much good info!

Everyone’s body is beautiful, but if you feel you need a change, hopefully this information will help!

As for Kerisha, we’re thrilled that she finally feels like herself!

P.S. To learn more about Dr. Franklin Rose, you can visit his website HERE.

[Image via Dr. Rose.]

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