Mars in Capricorn

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Planet Mars is the ruler of fire sign Aries, the impetus cardinal sign known as the Initiator, and co-ruler of the sensitive, powerful and seductive sign of Scorpio. Mars signifies action and challenge. It is male energy and represents strong leadership qualities. At its best it is enthusiastic, passionate, fearless and assertive. At its worst, Mars is warlike, rash, argumentative, and aggressive.

Mars entered the industrious earth sign of Capricorn on October 26th 2014 and will stay there through to December 5th. In this position Mars represents the ability to work hard and persevere to get the job done. Challenges can be overcome and headway made, even under adverse circumstances. However, if you are not organized, or get caught up in trivia, you can lose productivity, and cause you to feel stressed and tense. As this motivating force will push you to do more than is humanly possible, it is important to set a plan in place and follow it – this is a time to focus your energy on priorities and use this powerful driving force to your greatest advantage.

Read on to see how the mix of challenging and motivational aspects of Mars while in Capricorn will affect your star sign.


Motivation: Your will and determination to succeed is heightened. Nothing is impossible, especially on a career level.  If you hit a roadblock, you’ll find a way to go around it. Right now you can move your business dealings ahead at an accelerated rate. Challenge: There is an element of risk taking. Be careful not to rashly agree to anything with business until you have time to research and ensure a great deal is actually what it is. Don’t get caught up in a tense argument, there is generally room to negotiate, do it in a professional manner.


Motivation: Use the intense and powerful Mars energy to get your goals in place and visualize the big picture, your grand plan. There is also an ease of study now to learn a new skill. You have a broader interest in philosophical topics, and can come to terms with the what, where and how of your life. Challenge:  Self-doubts can sneak into your belief system and if life does not move at the pace you want, you can become restless and distracted. Physical activity will help dispel a buildup of tension; otherwise it can affect your body with aches and pains.


Motivation: Psychical activity including your desire for sexual relations is heightened. Use this energy to connect with people on a personal and professional level. If red tape of an official matter has been holding you back, you can now have a breakthrough. Challenge:  Beware of being overly stubborn just to make a point. Stay flexible and open to other people’s ideas and opinions.If things at the office don’t go as you expect, your level of frustration can be displayed in a rash or irritated way.  


Motivation: Relationships are to focus now. This is a passionate and romantic time. If you are single, get out and meet new people. If you are in love, plan something special with your honey. Partnerships can provide the winning formula you have been waiting for. Challenge: Unrealistic expectations of a personal relationship can cause you to fall out of love as quickly as you fell in love. You can also be reluctant to compromise, with an attitude of ‘my way or the highway’, and come up with multitude of reasons why your way is the best.


Motivation: You have the ability to work hard and put in the time and effort to make a substantial difference with your workload. If you stay focused you can be very productive during this time. It is also a good time to indulge in physical activity and get into shape. Challenge: All your attention goes into your day-to-day priorities. When you work around the clock, you can neglect your health and stress and tension can force you to slow down. It is crucial over this period to look after your overall wellbeing.


Motivation: Use the Mars energy to be a trailblazer in areas you feel passionate about, particularly creative projects will benefit with this energy. Think big, you can make headway with your goals.A love partnership can commence now too, but make sure it is real; you want true love, not infatuation. Challenge:  Relationships can be complex, and it is wise not to say or do anything you may regret. Be careful not to spend too much time on people who don’t appreciate you.


Motivation: You have a need to be there for the people you love but you don’t have to go into ‘fix-it’ mode. This is a good time to let those you love know you are there for them no matter what way the tables turn, even if it is just with a good listening ear. This is a perfect time to make time for you, rather than for everyone else. Challenge: Family issues can be confronting. You could feel hopeless not being able to help in any way. If you try and spread yourself too thin, household responsibilities can also fall behind during this time.  


Motivation: Your mind is on fire with ideas and concepts, but be careful you don’t start a lot of things and finish none. This can be a productive time, but you do need to harness the energy and stay focused on one thing at a time. Communications around business dealings can suddenly change for the better. Challenge: Be careful who you share your ideas with, especially siblings or close family members and neighbors. They may not be as charitable with their opinions as you would like them to be.


Motivation: Money matters are favorable and you will strive to achieve the best of what you desire. The personal security of you and your family concerning money and your home environment will be highlighted during this time. Finances and living arrangements are your top focus now. Challenge: Be careful of risky business! This is not a time to make rash decisions, particularly with money. On a personal note, avoid a possessive movement that could have the power to set in motion a break-it or make-it situation.


Motivation:  You have the energy and motivation to do more than even you think is possible. Use the passionate and enthusiastic Mars energy in your sign to proactively move forward with your goals. You can now turn challenges into benefits and confront issues head on and outrun your competitors. Challenge: Be careful you don’t burn out, instead pace yourself to gain the highest level of productivity. Avoid being argumentative and reactive with those you work with. Get organized, gather your thoughts, and get a plan of action in place.


Motivation: Believe in yourself! This is a powerful time to tune into and access your considerable creativity. Let your imagination out to play and see where it leads you. Don’t underestimate your ability to create something amazing. When you work in a team environment, you excel. Challenge: Be careful of taking on other people’s problems and become too emotionally involved. Over this period you can have an all-consuming feeling of compassion, which can be overwhelming. Also, be careful of keeping secrets.


Motivation: This is a very social time, where you can be the ringleader of organizing get-togethers. You have opportunities to connect with people you feel aligned with; people you can collaborate with to bring together projects of mutual interest. Your ability to combine your intuition and logic is heightened. You can grasp complex issues and convey them in a common sense way, especially monetary discussions. Challenge: Beware of being contrary just for the sake of indulging in a power play. Curb your desire to make rash statements and be argumentative, even if you know you are right.

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