Pet horoscopes for December 2014

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Pet-Scope: You will want to watch your pets closely this month, the Uranus Pluto square can make them totally unpredictable, and you don’t want to come home to any surprises. Best to ensure your home is pet safe.


Pet-Scope: Beaming with confidence, don’t let your Taurus pet fool you that everything is all-ok in their world, it may be, but if you don’t have everything they need at your finger tips, they can unravel with irregular behavior.


Pet-Scope: The full Moon in your Gemini pet’s sign can cause them to be more erratic than usual, so don’t assume everything is as it should be. Even the most well-trained pet can do something out of character.


Pet-Scope: With the new Moon and Venus in Cancer’s opposite sign, expect your Cancer pet to want a whole lot more lovin this month. Clear the schedule to spend a little (or a lot) of additional time petting.


Pet-Scope: The less drama the better for your Leo pet this month. Keep in mind that what ever is going on in your life, they also live through. Not cats so much, but dogs particularly pick up on your energy, all the changes and emotions.


Pet-Scope: Make no mistake, your Virgo pet is smart, and they will communicate to you, all you have to do is listen intently. They develop ways to let you know what they need, just like humans, but in a different way.


Pet-Scope: All your Libra pet really wants in a peaceful existence, now how hard can that be? Impossible really, as life is not like that, but keep in mind they are going to be far more settled, when they know and feel everything is alright on the home front.


Pet-Scope: If you need to make any changes that relate to your Scorpio pet this month, you will want to research the benefits and drawbacks. Whether it is; moving, their food, bed, groomer, vet, whatever, put in the time to make sure it is the right decision for both you and them.


Pet-Scope: Your freedom loving Sagittarius pet will always think they can do more than what is possible, and certainly more than what is allowable. Strict rules and routine can keep them in line – be prepared to administer tough love.


Pet-Scope: With Venus moving to your Capricorn’s sign, be prepared for them to be more affectionate. You may not have time to give them a lot of extra attention, but a little extra here and there can go a long way in making them feel secure.


Pet-Scope: With Action planet Mars in your Aquarius pets sign this month, you may think they are doing to do something and you turn around and they have changed their mind already. Watch out for them to be more assertive, and you may need to use a firmer tone in your voice to let them know what is and isn’t acceptable.


Pet-Scope: Watch out for situations from the past that can put your Pisces pet on edge. They will remember if someone was mean or nice to them and will act accordingly. Don’t forget, Pisces is the most sensitive sign and this goes for your pet too, so don’t be too harsh with their behavior, gentle but firm behavior corrections work best.

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