Belenenses SAD forced to play with nine men against Benfica

Though both Porto and Benfica can genuinely consider themselves as two of Europe’s more storied clubs, the latter, and the league that they play in, should be ashamed of themselves after a farcical issue on Saturday night.

After a Covid outbreak at Belenenses SAD, the club only had nine players available for the fixture against Benfica.

The starting XI also, apparently, included two goalkeepers.

Incredibly, despite that ridiculous situation, the Portuguese league sanctioned the game going ahead rather than it being postponed to be played at a later date.

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It’s no wonder Belenenses went behind inside a minute, and decided to play with every man behind the ball thereafter.

Truly, truly surreal. Here’s Belenenses SAD’s starting lineup to take on Benfica then. Just the nine players in it. Belenenses SAD goalkeeper Álvaro Ramalho will start in defence. Kickoff supposedly minutes away. Madness.

— Alex Goncalves (@Aljeeves) November 27, 2021

Whomever makes the decisions at the very top of the game in the country needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.

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What possible excuse is there to insist that the game goes ahead when the odds are so heavily stacked in favour of one team over the other?

My word. Belenenses SAD have named just NINE players – two of which are goalkeepers – in their starting lineup to take on SL Benfica in this evening’s Primeira Liga clash due to a coronavirus outbreak at the club. How on earth can the match to ahead? Astonishing.

— Alex Goncalves (@Aljeeves) November 27, 2021

Bernardo Silva is as baffled as all of us that this farcical match has been allowed to go on.

— Alex Goncalves (@Aljeeves) November 27, 2021


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