Manchester City are a ‘winning machine’ – Thomas Tuchel

While Thomas Tuchel is playing catch-up to Pep Guardiola (left) in the Premier League this season, the German did emerge triumphant when their teams met in last season’s Champions League final

Manchester City are “relentless” and a “winning machine”, according to Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, who says his team have to be realistic about their chances of catching the champions.

City are 11 points clear, with Chelsea and Liverpool meeting on Sunday.

“They know what it takes to produce these high-point seasons over and over again,” said Tuchel, speaking before City’s win over Arsenal on Saturday.

“We will never stop believing or pushing but we have to be realistic.”

Manchester City have won 11 successive Premier League games since their defeat by Crystal Palace at the end of October.

City have opened up a commanding lead at the top of the Premier League

That run has carried them from five points off the pace to 11 ahead of their nearest rivals. Only twice in Premier League history have teams had a larger advantage at the the top of the table at the end of 1 January.

“It is a winning machine. It is not only about having an advantage, it is making it an advantage,” said Tuchel of City.

“They are good. Very good. They are relentless.

“We have to admit where we come from one year ago. When you look at 2021 [last season’s league table], we are 20 points behind.

“You have to be careful that you are ambitious but not over-ambitious and do not to get frustrated by not catching Man City in the first half year.”

City are aiming to win a seventh title in 11 seasons and a fourth under Tuchel’s counterpart Pep Guardiola.

Chelsea, meanwhile, have finished in the top three only once since their last title in 2017.

“There is quality all over in the club [City],” said Tuchel. “Not only in the squad but with the management and how the club is run.

“They have five or six years now of consistency. That makes it hard. It doesn’t make it impossible.”


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